About us

University of Göttingen
University Medical Center Göttingen
Göttingen Center of Molecular Biosciences (GZMB)
Institute of Molecular Oncology
Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Dobbelstein
Justus-von-Liebig-Weg 11
37077 Göttingen

Molecular Oncology is a young discipline, trying to understand cancer at a molecular level. We are exploring molecular mechanisms that contribute to malignant disease, and potential ways to interfere with them. In particular, we are focussing on transcription factors capable of regulating cell proliferation and cell death, and on the DNA damage response triggered by chemotherapy and irradiation 

Two groups (Dobbelstein and Schulz-Heddergott) are  working on the p53 tumor suppressor and its associated regulatory circuits. The Bastians group focuses on mechanisms that ensure the ordered transition of the cell through mitosis.

We are teaching the concepts and tools of Molecular Oncology to a wide audience, and we are actively participating in setting up new curricula for Master and PhD students.